Coffee Bar

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A warm and welcoming place to meet friends or simply to read a magazine or paper in comfortable surroundings. When the sun shines there is a delightful patio area for you to relax in!

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Coffee Bar

The Coffee Bar volunteers serve good coffee, tea and other drinks as well as delicious cakes and biscuits, all at very reasonable prices. The Coffee Bar was started up as a pop-in centre for local people in January 1997 and it is has indeed become very popular for just that!

Charity Coffee Mornings

To book your slot in the Charity Coffee Morning calendar, please contact us.

Saturday 19th August           Homestart
Saturday 30th September     Macmillan
Saturday 21st October          NCT
Saturday 18th November      Liss Heart Trust

Gallery Wall

Visitors to the café can enjoy the works of local artists on display. Exhibitors may book for a calendar month at a time and all artwork displayed must be for sale.  We welcome all art formats including oil, acrylic, pastels and also photography. We would like to have a sample of your work to ensure that it is suitable for display.  There is no fee for displaying the artwork, but the LCA will charge 20% commission on every item sold. The pictures remain on the wall until the end of the month, after which any sold items are collected. Payment for the pictures is managed by the Triangle office team and will be given to the artist when they collect their unsold works. To book your slot in the Gallery Wall calendar, please contact us.

September:  Carolynne Winchester & Kathryn Irwin
October: Exploring In Paint
November: TASC
December: TASC


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