Fire Safety

As the room hirer you are responsible for ensuring that everyone in your group knows:

The location of fire exits.
Your assembly point.
That the sound of the fire alarm is a continuous ringing sound.
You should also keep an attendance register.

If a member of your group has a physical disability, your evacution plan should include nominating someone to help that member in vacating the building. Be aware that some of our Fire Exits are not yet suitable for wheelchairs.

On discovering a fire:

Sound the alarm by breaking the glass on the fire panels.
Leave the building following the instructions listed below.

What to do when the fire alarm sounds:

Leave the building by the nearest exit, taking your attendance register with you.
Don’t ignore it or assume that it is a fault or drill. Don’t stop to pick up your belongings.
The suggested assembly point is on The Green by the war memorial. Beware of traffic when you step on to the road. Make sure that everyone in your group is accounted for. Regular user groups using a different assembly point, should send a responsible adult to The Green to confirm to the fire service that all their members are safe and accounted for.
Don’t return to the building unless the fire service agrees that it is safe to do so.

Liaise with other users to make sure:

The fire service has been called.
The caretaker is called to reset the alarm (07901 942126). If you can’t contact the caretaker, call the Centre Manager on 01730 893293.
If no-one has a mobile phone, calls can be made from the
Whistle Stop public house.

Walk, don’t run.
Do not block open internal or external fire doors.
Close all doors behind you.

There are First Aid boxes in the green cupboard in the coffee bar under the Gallery Wall and in the Centre Office (when open).