The Secret Garden by Marilyn Timney

This well-loved  classic was given a beautiful treatment  by Proteus Theatre co.  The characters were just as I remembered them,  and all in our party (3 generations) were impressed by the puppets of the fox and the robin.  The audience were requested to help the crows (cleverly adapted umbrellas) to caw, and did this with enthusiasm.  The versatile stage settings meant that the story unfolded very easily.  Some of the Yorkshire dialect was hard to follow, but this helped us to identify with the problems that Mary encountered on moving from India to this unknown place.  Mary’s imperious behaviour had the youngsters in the audience giggling – as did the pillow fight, and the sight of Mary tucking her dress into her bloomers.   At least two little girls were envious of her red shoes, too.  We all enjoyed the performance very much, and are looking forward to the next production from this versatile and professional theatre company.