Conditions of Hire and Fire Safety

Hire Conditions

1. Liss Community Association (LCA) or its agent gives no warranty of the suitability of the premises for the use to which the hirer intends to put them. The person who signs the booking form shall be deemed to be the hirer.

2. Rooms are available for hire on the condition that the hirer accepts these conditions and complies with the lease of the premises and grounds (a copy of the lease is available for inspection up request). Hiring does not create a tenancy or any legal interest in the property. Not more than 100 persons in the Hall, 140 persons in the Classrooms and 60 persons in the Annexe shall be permitted to be on the premises at any one time.

3. LCA reserves the right to reallocate rooms to accommodate the needs of all clients. Hirers will be offered an alternative similar room at no extra cost.

4. Occasional bookings shall be pre-paid at the time of booking.

5. Regular bookings will be invoiced at the end of every month.

6. Two weeks notice is required for cancellations. Bookings cancelled without two weeks notice will be charged at the full rate.

7. Overruns on the period of booking will be surcharged at the discretion of LCA.

8. Overdue payments will be subject to surcharge.

9. LCA shall have the right of admission at all times.

10. Electricity, heating and lighting shall remain under the control of the Association at all times.

11. LCA accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property.

12. The hirer must ensure that any electrical equipment (not belonging to LCA) that is brought into and used on the premises is compliant with the Health & Safety Regulations for Portable Appliances in force at the time of hire.

13. Liquor can only be sold on the premises by the Management Committee of LCA. Liquor may be consumed at a private party provided it is free and entry is free.

14. If recorded copyright music is played during the hire period the hirer is responsible for ensuring that either they or their ‘disc jockey’ hold a Phonographic Performance Licence.

15. All property or goods whatsoever belonging to the hirer shall be removed immediately on completion of the hire at his own cost.

16. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.

17. Smoke machines are not permitted in any part of the building.

18. All reasonable precautions against the outbreak of fire must be observed and no gas cylinders or goods or materials liable to create a fire risk may be brought onto the premises.

19. The hirer will be deemed responsible tor ensuring all visitors are aware of the evacuation plan and of any fire precautions.

20. The hirer is responsible for damage to LCA property, however caused, during the period of hire and for the behaviour of all persons attending the premises during the period of hire and for ensuring that no nuisance is caused inside or outside the premises. LCA will charge the hirer, at reasonable cost, for any repairs and or replacements for which he/she is responsible.

21. LCA reserves the right to levy a deposit against any exceptional costs incurred by LCA resulting from the hiring, such as staff callouts and extra cleaning.

22. The use of the kitchen may be shared by those who have a booking, provided it is not in use for service to the public.

23. The hirer will take reasonable steps to return the rooms to their original clean and tidy state at the end of the hire, including the return of furniture to its original storage location and cleaning the tables if used.

24. Access to storage area needs to be agreed with Centre staff due to restricted access times.

Fire Safety


As the room hirer you are responsible for ensuring that everyone in your group knows:

  • the location of fire exits
  • your assembly point
  • that the fire alarm is a continuous ringing sound. You should also keep an attendance register. If a member of your group has a physical disability your evacuation plan should include nominating someone to help that member in vacating the building. Be aware that some of our fire exits are not yet suitable for wheelchairs.


  • Sound the alarm by breaking the glass on the fire panels.
  • Leave the building following the instructions below.


  • Leave the building by the nearest exit taking your attendance register with you.
  • Don’t ignore it or assume that it is a fault or drill.
  • Don’t stop to pick up your belongings.
  • The suggested assembly point is on The Green by the war memorial. Beware of traffic when you step onto the road. Make sure that everyone in your group is accounted for.
  • Don’t return to the building unless the Fire Service agrees that it is safe to do so.
  • Liaise with other users to make sure (a) the fire service has been called (b) the Caretaker is called to reset the alarm (01730 895644). If you can’t contact the caretaker call the Centre Manager (07788 924791 or 01428 723971).

If no-one has a mobile phone calls can be made from the Whistle Stop public house.

  • Walk, don’t run.
  • Don’t block open internal or external fire doors.
  • Close all doors behind you.

There are First Aid boxes inside the cupboard in the Café and in the Office (when open).

For more information please contact us - we’re always happy to help!

To make an appointment to view our venue please contact the Centre Manager who will be able to advise on the most suitable room for your event and availability.