Alice in Wonderland: review by Rhona Allin

We were treated to a fantastic version of Alice in Wonderland by Proteus Theatre Company on Sunday afternoon.

Once everyone had their coffee, hot drinks, pic’n’mix we were whisked off to Wonderland with Alice. Right from the start there were jokes and drama, with acrobatics as Alice fell down the hole and met the White Rabbit.

The live music and puppetry were a highlight, and it was hard to believe there were only five actors involved.The Cheshire Cat was especially effective.

The children delighted in the jokes and slapstick comedy, and loved joining in where asked.

Some of the costumes were highly inventive, especially the Queen’s wellies, and we loved Tweedledum and Tweedledee’s rendition of “Stand by Me”.

The actors’ interaction with the audience was very funny, and entertained the adults as much as the children.

This was a new and exciting production of the Alice story and altogether a great way to spend a winter’s afternoon.