Fashion Show – a model’s viewpoint by Marilyn Timney

Being a model was on my list of “things I must do”, and I was looking forward to the experience.  Having my makeup professionally applied got me into diva mode, and once at The Triangle, there was no time to be nervous. The lovely ladies from Travelling Trends told us everything we would need to know, and how to walk on the catwalk.  A quick practice, a try-on of the clothes, and we were on.  The audience were marvellous, giving great support for every outfit shown.    We quickly developed a routine for getting into the next  set of clothes without disturbing hair and makeup, and there was great cameraderie amongst the models, helping to ensure everyone looked their best.  Time flew by, and before we knew it, we were at the finale.  Then it was back to the old jeans and teeshirt… but it was fun being a supermodel for a while!