Liss Community Cycling Club

have the following adult rides planned.
Saturday 31st October – 20 miles max
Saturday 7th November – approx 25 miles
Sunday 15th November – approx 30 miles
Sunday22nd November – approx 30 miles
Sunday 29th November – approx 30 miles

All the approx distances mean rides could be 25 miles min and up to 35 miles. The roads will be mainly quiet ones, but there might be slightly busier sections to ride along or cross. Some of the roads are likely to be in fairly poor condition with gravel and potholes.

Average speed will be 14.5 to 16mph and are aimed at people wanting to road ride and preferably have well serviced road bikes. Please check brakes work and tyres are not too worn.

The only groundrules are nobody will be left behind and we regroup at top of hills.

Rides start at 9am from the Triangle.