Liss Neighbourhood Plan – Public Referendum – Thursday 9th November 2017

liss Neighbourhood Plan - Public Referendum - 09.11.17 - posterThe Plan has been considered by an independent examiner, who proposed relatively minor modifications, approved by the Parish Council, and recently the South Downs National Park Authority have agreed it should be put to a final decision.

The decision is down to a referendum within Liss.  That will take place on Thursday 9th November.  It will be just like voting in an election, with the decision based on a simple majority of those voting, and you will be asked whether or not the plan should be accepted as the basis for making planning decisions in Liss.

It is important that as many people as possible take part in the vote, whether or not you vote to support the plan.  If we do not have one it will be left entirely to the South Downs National Park Authority to decide what is right for Liss.  So please tell as many people as possible in Liss about the referendum.

The plan can be seen in the Parish Office behind the Village Hall, or online at, or

Just to remind you about the plan:  we are required to find sites for a minimum of 150 new dwellings by 2028.  The plan proposes that 40% of those dwellings should be affordable, to meeting local housing needs and shares the housing between 6 small sites spread round the village rather than on any large sites. These are off Inwood Road, two along Andlers Ash Road, two at West Liss and a site next to Brows Farm on the Farnham Road.  Sorting out access, design, landscaping and avoiding flooding have been key issues on these sites, each of which has a detailed brief setting out how this can be done.

The plan also provides new green space, protects the existing green space and draws a line around the village to stop development over the next decade spreading into the countryside.  Looking after landscape, biodiversity and the design of development across the village are also key parts of the plan.

We hope to see you on the 9th November.

Liss Neighbourhood Plan