Missing in Action by Peter and Brenda Hunt

It is not often that you go out to a theatrical performance and have to avoid what appears to be a drunken tramp sitting by the entrance. You are even more surprised when within minutes of the lights being dimmed the door opens and the ‘down and out’ staggers and slurs into the audience before taking a seat at the back before taking a leading role in the production. Missing In Action was a hard hitting drama about two young unemployed men joining the army and being posted to Afghanistan where one was ultimately killed leaving behind a wife and child and the other struggled to come to terms with the loss of his friend and the experiences he had encountered. Having looked at the impact on the families at home whilst their sons/boyfriends were away at war the focus then moved to the enormous problems face by those trying to return to normal life and dealing with the traumatic experience, pain and stress of war. The unanswered questions were about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – who is responsible for providing support? how successful is it? and how many suffer from a problem that is not currently recognised? The guy we stepped over would have a view.