Proteus Theatre – “BRRR” – Saturday 3 December 2016

Steve has a problem, a very peculiar problem…and he needs your help. You see, Steve is cold, very, very – BRRR! – cold. But why is that such a peculiar problem? Well, Steve is a penguin!

BRRR! tells the story of Steve, an Antarctic penguin who wants to visit his cousins in sunny South Africa. But how will he get there? It’s too far to waddle and Steve can’t fly. One day a strange creature falls from the sky right into Steve’s garden; who is she? Can she help Steve get to South Africa? And can Steve help her get back home?

For Winter 2016, Proteus will be reviving its much-loved family show. Containing all the magic of the heart-warming original, this newly revised and extended version is aimed at children aged 3+ and their families.

With plenty of audience interaction and spectacular visuals, the show features original live music and songs, and aerial choreography created by Lorraine Moynehan, choreographer of the aerial content of the 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony.

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